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Runkel Apple Fact Sheet

Cultivar name:            Runkel
Origin:                        A chance seedling discovered in  1940 by  Walter E. Runkel,  in Lincoln Park,  Michigan.
Parentage:                  Unknown.
Patent Number:          #3308


Size Range:    Medium to large;   uniform.
Fruit Shape:    Symmetrical;  regular;  round-oblate to round-conical.
Stem length:    Short;  10-13mm;  medium to thick;  clubbed at tip end.
Skin Color:    Pinkish red blush  over  greenish yellow  ground color.
Skin Russet:    Not prone.  Thin;  tender;  smooth;  bright;  waxen;  large lenticels.
Flesh Color:    Yellowish cream.
Flavor:    Mildly sub acid;  rich and sweet.  Aroma distinct.
Storage Life:   Very good;  180 days in regular storage.  No shrivel.
Texture:    Medium crisp and firm.   Very juicy.
Maturity Date:   Late,  second week in October in  Central  Michigan.


Vigor:   Vigorous.
Growth Type:   Standard upright semi-dwarf;  round topped.
Precocity:   Very productive and annual bearer.  Bears on spurs  and  bourse shoots.
Bloom Season:   Mid-season.
Pollination Requirements:   Any diploid in same season assumed to be adequate.
Cold Hardiness Status:   Proven hardy.
Disease Status:   Appears the same as Red Delicious. Resistant to cedar apple rust, fireblight, and powdery mildew
Physiological Disorders:   None known at this time.


The Runkel apple has a wide range of uses from fresh eating to baking, cooking, cider, wine, and sauce making.

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